Foto: Maren Pussak / Das Bergische

The Bergische Weg (The Bergisch Trail)

Hiking in historic footsteps

On the trail of a 100 year old hiking trail, the 260 kilometre Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail) runs from the Ruhr District through the Bergisches Land and Siebengebirge nature parks to Königswinter on the Rhine. The trails awarded the title of "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland" (Hiking Germany Quality Trail) runs from Baldeneysee in Essen through the "neanderland", through the Bergisch cities of Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen and the Rheinisch-Bergischen district to the famous Drachenfels.

A variety of experiences await you along the route. The trail as a lot to offer, in terms of both landscape and cultural history: idyllic landscapes and historic villages as well as local and industrial history museums, castles, manor houses, monuments and churches bring the culture of the region to life. The Neanderthal Museum, Brückenpark Müngsten, Altenberg Cathedral and Drachenfels are just a few examples of the many different sights.

The markings run throughout in both directions, so you can walk the trail in either direction. In addition to this, there are access routes that show you the right way to the Bergische Weg.


Müngstener Brücke
Schloss Burg
Altenberger Dom
Schloss Bensberg
the Agger in Overath
Burg Blankenberg
Burg Blankenberg


Character: long-distance hiking trail, multi-stage hike
Length: 260 Kilometer
Stages: 14
Stage lengths: 11,4 to 27,6 km

Start: Baldeneysee, Essen (Ruhrgebiet)
End point: Drachenfels, Königswinter (Siebengebirge)


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The Bergische Weg has been awarded again in January 2020 by the German Hiking Association (Deutscher Wanderverband) as a "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland".

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