Foto: Uwe Völkner / Fotoagentur FOX

Signposting along the Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail)

Mark of the Bergische Weg

The Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail) is signposted throughout with orange markings. Follow these signs and enjoy the varied landscape, historical traces and wonderful views over the hills without having to look at your hiking map all the time.

The signposts indicate important points along the way, where refreshments and accommodation, train stations and sights are signposted.

You can also find your way quite easily without a map.

Please note we do not maintain the marking in the winter months because of the weather conditions. Missing markings will only be replaced the following spring. We ask that you inform us of missing markings so we can replace these as quickly as possible.

Access routes

Mark of the access routes

In order that you can immediately find the right way to the Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail), several access routes are signposted. Most of the access routes begin in town centres, at trains stations or at sights and bring you directly onto the Bergische Weg (Bergisch Trail).

Wanderwegweiser Bergischer Weg bei Remscheid-Morsbach
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