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Hosts at the Bergische Weg

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On and near the trails and especially in the stage destinations, our hosts offer you relaxing accommodation and refreshments. From comfortable hotels to quaint country inns to comfortable holiday homes, from fine restaurants to rustic beer gardens, the hosts focus specifically on the requirements of hikers. They meet defined quality criteria and bear the “Bergisch Hiking Country - Host" quality seal, by which they are easy for you to identify. Among other things, they provide their guests with packed lunches, provide competent information on hiking tours and sights, transport your luggage and bring you to and from the trails.

One special feature is the local cuisine. Relax while enjoying a "Bergische Kaffeetafel” (coffee and snacks) with hearty and sweet dishes and coffee that drips slowly from the "Dröppelmina" (old-fashioned coffee pot). If you prefer something more substantial, you should definitely try the “Kottenbutter” (brown bread, pork sausage, onion rings and mustard) or Reibekuchen (potato fritters).

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