Foto: Maren Pussak / Das Bergische

Stage 3: Wülfrath - Gräfrath (24,9 km, 7-8 hours)


Gentle, curving horizons and wonderful trails along the Düssel river define the stages where many traces of limestone quarrying are to be discovered. Some of the older quarries have long been reclaimed by nature and await with changing attractions every season. The stage through tranquil Gräfrath with its picturesque alleyways and slated houses certainly won’t leave you bored.


Length: 24,9 km

Duration: 7-8 hours

Wülfrath, Düssel
Zuweg: ca. 1,4 km zum Wülfrath-Aprath station

Gräfrather Markt


map of stage 3


Neanderthalmuseum in Mettmann
Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

Arrival and further information

arrival by car:

highway A3 to AS Mettmann, take B7 bis Wuppertal-Dornap, L422 nach Wülfrath-Düssel (or L74 nach Wülfrath-Aprath)
car parks: in Düssel (or at the train station Aprath)

arrival by public transport:
DB Bahn: with S9 to Wülfrath-Aprath (Zuweg: 1,4 km)
bus: bus 641 to stop "Wülfrath Düssel"

options for returning to the starting point:
from stop "Deutsches Klingenmuseum" with bus 683 to "Wuppertal-Vohwinkel Schwebebahn", bus 641 to "Wülfrath Düssel"

other access options:
- train station Mettmann-Stadtwald (S28, 742, 745, 746, 749, O10, O11, O13, SB68), access route: 4,2 km
- train station Wuppertal-Vohwinkel (S8, S9, S68, 609, 621, 631, 683, 745, 784), access route: 2,8 km
- train Station Haan-Gruiten (S8, S68, Bus 641, 742, O1), liegt direkt am Bergischen Weg

connection to other long-distance hiking trails:
this stage runs parallel to the neanderland STEIG.

connection to loop-trails:
in Haan-Gruiten the Bergischer Weg meets the Entdeckerschleife Evolutionspfad

Tourist-Information office:
Stadt Wülfrath
Am Rathaus 1
42489 Wülfrath
Tel.: 0049 (0)2058 18336
E-Mail: stadtmarketing{at}

General information:
Some areas may be muddy in inclement weather.
Please bring appropriate equipment (rucksack provisions, rain wear, sturdy footwear)!
If you wish to use public transport, please find out about the available connections beforehand.