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Stage 1: Essen - Velbert (11,4 km, 3 hours)

The first stage of the Bergische Weg connects Baldeneysee in the south of the Ruhr district city of Essen with Velbert in the foothills of the Bergisches Land. The long-distance hiking trail allows you to explore the Ruhr metropolitan area’s green arteries and fascinating natural experiences like the Heisinger Bogen bird sanctuary by the large reservoir in the Ruhr district.


Route logo Bergischer Weg

Length: 11,4 km

Duration: ca. 3 hours

hiking car park "Baldeney"
Access route:
1,6 km from the train station "Essen-Stadtwald"

End point:
Access route: 4,4 km to the center of Velbert



Map of stage 1

Hosts at stage 1

Hotel zur Traube


Villa Hügel in Essen
view on the Baldeneysee
Ruine Isenburg
on the Bergische Weg
view on the Baldeneysee
on the shore of the Baldeneysee
nature reserve Heisinger Bogen
on the shore of the Baldeneysee
the Baldeneysee in Essen

Arrival and further information

arrival by car:

Highway A52 to the exit "Essen-Haarzopf", then L132 to Bredeney, L441 to Stadtwald
Car parks: Hiking car park "Baldeney" (at the restaurant "Wirtshaus zur heimlichen Liebe")

arrival by public transport:
DB Bahn: with the S6 to "Essen-Stadtwald"
Bus: with the Bus 145, 146 to "Drosselanger"

Options for returning to the starting point:
from the stop "Christuskirche" with the bus 770 to the train station "Ratingen Hösel", the with the S6 to "Stadtwald";
or from the stop "Parkstraße" with the Bus 169 to "S Essen Werden", then with the S6 to "Stadtwald"

Other access options:
Train station "Essen-Kupferdreh" (S9, Bus 141, 155, 177, 180), access route: 0,1 km

Connection to other long-distance hiking trails:
In Velbert the Bergische Weg meets the neanderland STEIG

Tourist Information Office:
EMG - Essen Marketing GmbH
Am Hauptbahnhof 2
45127 Essen
Tel.: 0201 19433
E-Mail: touristikzentrale{at}

Informations about the Baldeneysee:

General information:
Some areas may be muddy in inclement weather.
Please bring appropriate equipment (rucksack provisions, rain wear, sturdy footwear)!
If you wish to use public transport, please find out about the available connections beforehand.