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The "Counts and Monks Trail" in Odenthal-Altenberg

Where the cradle of the Bergisches Land once stood

This 11.4 kilometre loop trail follows the traces left by the later Count of Berg and the Cistercian monks in the Dhünntal valley. Along the trail, hikers embark on a journey through time.
Find out how the monks built the cathedral, why the people of the early middle ages had to secure the boundaries of their properties or discover the remains of an old refuge Castle.



Way-marker Grafen- und Mönchsweg

theme: of counts and monks
length: 11,4 km
duration: 3-4 hours
stations: 8

start/destination: Car park Am Rösberg, 51519 Odenthal

Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland

On the Grafen- und Mönchsweg (Counts- and Monks Trail), there are various refreshment and accommodation options. The following establishments cater specifically to the requirements of hikers and have been granted the "Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country Host) certification:


Altenberger Dom
height profile Grafen- und Mönchsweg

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geo-caching on the Grafen- und Mönchsweg

Anyone who enjoys geo-caching can look at a description of a cache on the Grafen- und Mönchsweg (Counts and Monks Trail) here

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