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The "fruit trail" in Leichlingen

Through the ages with the apple

This stretch accompanies young and old hikers on a discovery tour through the history/histories of apple farming and shows how multi-faceted the use of this fruit by humans was and is. It’s not just primary school children who can read and learn a lot from the information boards; adults will also learn some interesting facts on this topic.

Along the trail, a further two audio stations play fairytales and poems to do with apples and pears.


theme: fruit
length: 5,9 km
duration: approx. 2 hours
stations: 5

start/destination: corner Marktstraße/Mittelstraße, 42799 Leichlingen 

Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland

On the Obstweg (Fruit Trail), there are various refreshment and accommodation options. The following establishments cater specifically to the requirements of hikers and have been granted the "Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country Host) certification:


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