Foto: C. Buchen

The Tree Trail in Morsbach

On a tour of discovery to oaks, village lindens and a viewing tower

The "Kaffeetrinkerlinden" (coffee drinker lindens) have been the centre of village life for centuries, junipers have been used as healing plants since ancient times, and the oak has had a firm grip on our currency for decades. Trees define our lives in many areas and also produce much of our oxygen, without which life would be impossible in the first place.
This 6.5 kilometre stretch accompanies you on a tour of discovery through Morsbach and the fascinating world of tree species - their characteristics, history/histories and the myths that surround them.
Each of the twelve information boards have interesting information for both older hikers as well as tasks and puzzles suitable for children with the mouse from the TV show "Sendung mit der Maus" for primary school-aged hiking fans.



theme: trees in the lives of humans and animals
length: 6,5 km
duration: 2,5 Stunden
stations: 8

start/destination: car park at the city hall Morsbach

Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland

On the Baumweg (Tree Trail), there are various refreshment and accommodation options. The following establishments cater specifically to the requirements of hikers and have been granted the "Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country Host) certification:


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