Foto: Guido Wagner

The "Overath Pilgrim’s Trail"

Seven steps on the way to Marialinden

For almost 300 years, people have embarked on the pilgrimage from Overath along a seven-station Way of the Cross to Marialinden. The boards along this new loop hiking trail tell the history/histories behind this tradition. Hikers are accompanied on a journey through time to the 18th century and learn so many interesting facts about the lives of the people at that time.


theme: Seven steps on the way to Marialinden
length: 8,5 Kilometer
duration: approx. 2,5 hours
stations: 8

train station Overath, Bahnhofplatz, 51491 Overath

Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland

On the Overather Pilgerweg (Overath Pilgrim’s Trail), there are various refreshment and accommodation options. The following establishments cater specifically to the requirements of hikers and have been granted the "Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country Host) certification:


Overath Pilgrim’s Trail
height profile Overather Pilgerweg

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