The "Fire and Flame Trail" in Bergneustadt

Fires, religious zeal and the first firefighters

Anyone who looks at the old town of Bergneustadt would hardly guess that the town has fallen victim to devastating fires on several occasions. The Bergneustadt natives rebuilt their houses with zeal. This stretch not only passes through the history of the fire service that dates back to Roman times, but also to a unique fire service convalescence home and the fire service helmets exhibition.


way-marker Feuer- und Flammeweg

theme: burnt down and built back up again
length: 12,0 Kilometer
duration: 3-4 hours
stations: 7

start/destination: Heimatmuseum Bergneustadt (Bergneustadt Local Museum, Wallstraße 1, 51702 Bergneustadt

Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland

On the Feuer- und Flammeweg (Fire and Flame Trail), there are various refreshment and accommodation options. The following establishments cater specifically to the requirements of hikers and have been granted the "Gastgeber Bergisches Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country Host) certification:



Heimatmuseum Bergneustadt
Feuer- und Flammeweg
Feuer- und Flammeweg
height profile Feuer- und Flammeweg

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