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The Bergische Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail)

The Bergische Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail) is located in one of the most diverse low mountain range landscapes in Germany, just 40 kilometres or so from the metropolis of Cologne.

It runs in a 244 kilometre loop over 12 stages through the Bergisches Land nature park. Impressive views of the expansive, open cultural landscape accompany you on every step of the way. The loop trail runs through the valleys of the Agger, the Wupper and other small streams, through impressive mixed forests, past lush meadows and many valley reservoirs - and in particular over the many elevations typical of the region with their panoramic views.

Along the way, not only can you enjoy the view, there is also plenty to experience. The Bergische Freilichtmuseum (open air museum), various stalactite caves, the monkey and bird park as well as other interesting traces of the region’s cultural history make the past, the culture and the flora and fauna something to really be experienced. Take a break from hiking and visit a museum, a monument or a church along the way. It’s worth taking a look!

The markings run throughout in both directions, so you can walk the trail in either direction. In addition to this, there are access routes that show you the right way to the Bergische Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail).


Große Dhünntalsperre
Aggertalsperre in Gummersbach
Schloss Homburg in Nümbrecht


Character: long-distance hiking trail, loop trail
Length: 244 Kilometer
Stages: 12
Stage lenghts: von 16,1 bis 24,6 Km
Start & end point: Engelskirchen-Ründeroth


Map Panoramasteig

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The Bergische Panoramasteig has been awarded again in September 2019 by the German Hiking Association (Deutscher Wanderverband) as a "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland".

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