Welcome to the Bergisch Hiking Country!

Gently, rolling hills, meadows, forests and remote valleys with gushing streams, valley reservoirs and small villages with idyllic alleyways and timber-framed houses are typical of the Bergisches Land. A huge number of local and industrial history museums, castles, fortresses and churches bring the history and culture of the region to life. What could be more lovely than to explore this landscape on foot?
You can enjoy fantastic views, experience nature and discover so much while doing so. You are welcome to enjoy some refreshments at one of the cosy restaurants with typical Bergisch dishes, and gather your strength before tackling the next stage of the hike.

Under the brand "Bergische Wanderland” (Bergisch Hiking Country), the "Bergische Weg" (Bergisch Trail) and the "Bergische Panoramasteig" (Bergisch Panorama Trail) offer two quality long-distance hiking trails accredited by the German Hiking Association through the region’s varied and open cultural landscape. Connecting routes create an entire network of quality long-distance trails throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. There are a great many new themed trails - the "Bergische Streifzüge” (Bergisch Scout Trails) - that bring historical or natural science as well as technical or literary themes to life on day tours of varying lengths. They offer a great variety of information boards and experience stations.