Foto: Sabine Dohrmann / Das Bergische

Route management

Dear hiker,

Here you will find current and general information on “trail management”. You can find information on current notices (in German), look at the signposting for the Bergische Wanderland (Bergisch Hiking Country), GPX tracks from Access routes and download connecting routes or get to know our voluntary trail stewards. Of course, you will also find the contact information for our trail manager, who is always happy to hear your feedback on the trails and signposting.

We hope you have great fun hiking in the Bergische Wanderland (Bergisch Hiking Country)!

Tips on hiking properly

Many hikers want narrow paths that are as close to nature as possible. Of course, it goes without saying that such paths should be walked with special care. You should note the following points for your own safety when hiking:

  • Wear weather-appropriate clothing that is fit for purpose to protect yourself from cold and wet or hot and sunny conditions.
  • Plan your stages with enough breaks and use your energy sparingly.
  • Take enough fluids with you. You cannot stop for refreshments everywhere.
  • Please wear appropriate hiking footwear on the trail so you have adequate grip even on steep, rocky and uneven trails.
  • Especially in inclement weather, natural trails can become muddy and slippery in places. Particularly in autumn, you should pay attention to uneven surfaces, roots, stones or holes along the trail that might be covered by fallen leaves. You have to expect such impairments along the trail when hiking!

Route management